Cora SEO Software Documentation

Cora SEO Software Video Training

Duration: 1h 38m 58s

Installation and Setup

Windows software installation 0:25
Windows software uninstall 0:57
Windows software upgrade 0:56
Mac software installation 1:15
Mac software upgrade 1:07
Software registration 2:06

New! Cora Version 3.9

Using The Cora Wizard
Cora 3.91 UI Features
Cora 3.91 Settings Overview
Tracking Domains and Getting the SEO Roadmap
More About Tracked Domains
Localizing Results to a City
Searching in a Specific Country and Language
Forcing a URL into the top 100 results
Switching Between Mobile and Desktop Indexes
Using the SEO Road Map
Using the Factor Charts
Working With Proxies
Testing Your Proxy in Cora
Banning Domains From the Analysis
Disabling Factors in Cora
Using Factor Dump to Check Cora Measurements

Older Video Tutorials

How to use Cora Version 3? 19:58
Track Domains 2:54
What is Cora SEO Software? 1:45
What can Cora SEO Software do? 2:04
A simple case study 17:20
Output filenames 1:59
Ahrefs Integration (optional)2:42
Showing how a page's on-page tuning is deficient 11:23
Which Factors Appear to Influence Rankings 5:55
Determine the degree of tuning 6:08
Identify which words count as matches 3:10
Looking up your factor measurements 4:00
Your competitor's factor measurements 4:25
Maximize Effects With Correlation Strength 5:10
Minimizing wasted time and effort 6:48
Identify competitors best tactics 7:34
Identify factors that may harm your rankings 6:57
Identifying types of searches 3:47
Grouping like searches 3:47
Using International Google 3:34
LSI Keywords 3:47
Setting the Default Google 2:01
Pulling a comparable page that isn't in the top 100 17:53
Using the "Near Location" feature 0:38