Cora SEO Software - AHrefs Settings

You can optionally use your Ahrefs account to incorporate off page data into Cora. I personally use a minimum Ahrefs acount for this and leave it disabled unless I really need off page data. Offpage data is most useful when you are in close competition with another website. In general it doesn't change quickly and usually the on page factors are where the quick wins are found.

Enable Ahrefs FactorsEnable or disable the Ahrefs API in Cora.
Permit Cora to use your Ahrefs Account.Takes you to Ahrefs to permit usage in Cora.
Revoke Ahrefs PermissionTakes you to Ahrefs to revoke the API permission.
Ahrefs TokenDon't enter this. It gets populated for you after you next run.
ShowShow the API key. Hidden by default so you don't accidentally expose it in video conferencing.
SaveSave all settings.

Don't be an idiot. All websites use cookies and send data via forms and store IP addresses in log files and store information in databases like contact information. If you have a problem with this please stop using the internet.

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