Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Deficit Strategy?

How was the Practical Maximum Defined in Cora 4.82?

How will I know when there is an update?

For Cora and orange "Update" button will appear in the Cora toolbar.
You can also visit to check manually.
Currently you have to check manually for the Cora Tools.

What does "include Shared Average do"?

It changes the tuning recommendations to be whatever you have selected or the Page 1 Average from the Cora Shared Data, whichever is larger (shared data comes from over 10000 shared cora reports and growing). Including the shared average largely only effects low competition keywords where not much correlates. High competition keywords are largely tuned more aggressively than the shared averages.

How many competitors should I use?

Practical maximum from Cora 4.82 only used the top 3 results as competitors... If you are #2 you might only want to use #1. If you are #47 you might want to use 15 of the top 20... depends on your situation.

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