Cora SEO Software

Cora SEO Software

Cora SEO Software is an expert level SEO Diagnostics tool that measures up to 2040 ranking factors and identifies the strongest ones and tells you exactly how much of each one your page needs!

Cora SEO Software is the only SEO tool on the market that automatically adapts to Google updates. Other cheap knockoffs of our solution measure factors but they are hard coded based on the beliefs of the people who made them. The knockoffs aren't doing the math. We use math to correlate each factors' usage with rank position in Google. This gives us valuable clues as to which factors appear to influence rankings the most for your keywords. As a result when Google does an algorithm update and favors the factors differently Cora SEO Software reflects those changes in the very next report you run.

Cora Diff is an additional tool that comes with your Cora SEO Software subscription. If you maintain a history of Cora reports for your most important keywords you can use Cora Diff to compare a report from before a Google update to another report from after a Google update to find clues as to what changed as a result of the update. This gives you vital information as to which factors got stronger and which ones got weaker. This helps you formulate a plan to respond quickly to Google algorithm updates.

Cora Trends is another tool that comes with your Cora SEO Software subscription. Cora trends lets you identify the strongest factors that a collection of keywords have in common. This is a vital enterprise SEO capability where you need to set sitewide or category wide SEO policies for content creators and engineers. If you are trying to figure out how best to tune large numbers of pages based on samples of the content the contain then Cora Trends is the best tool for the job.

The Many Reports of Cora SEO Software

Cora SEO Software also provides a wealth of other reports beyond the road map. Here are some of the other reports you will find:

What people Say

Steven Godlewski

SEO Manager

Cora is the best software I have ever used! Cora kept one of my clients on page one when both Google and Amazon dropped into keywords for some cloud-based load balancing. They pushed others off the page but using Cora kept us there. I was more impressed than the client.

Roman Barnes

CEO, Planted Tree

I use Cora day to day between my SEO Agency and other SEO Ventures. They're have been many tools I have seen come and go over the years but Cora is here to stay my friend. If you want to understand what is happening and stay on curve with Googles constant updates I would highly suggest you pick up a copy.

Arkadi Velitchko

Cora SEO Software is our secret weapon to winning with on-page SEO. With the help of Cora's hard data and scientific suggestions, we've been able to take #1 for our clients and ourselves. It's a sophisticated piece of software with lots of ins and outs that take time & effort to fully understand, but it's absolutely worth the time, money & effort.

Ivan Juras

Lead SEO, PracticeBloom

Cora has been the staple of our SEO business for a while now. Our clients trust us because we're not guessing: we're simply using Cora's measurements to tweak the signals that correlate with higher rankings and we do it in a methodical way. Honestly, this is the best tool on the market, and I'd say don't have a chance without it.

Kyle Roof

CEO, Page Optimizer Pro

Cora is the only SEO software that can help you identify the real effects of a Google update or why a competitor jumped you. SEOs not using Cora are in the dark, making wild guesses.

Clint Butler

Director of SEO, Over The Top SEO

Cora is hands down the best on page optimization tool on the market. While the rest strive to do what Cora does, Ted is setting the gold standard in science and math based decision making to build and optimize websites.

Jeff Lenney

Affiliate Marketer,

Ted's CORA tool is nothing short of amazing. Seriously, the best word I have to describe it is just "wow". If you want a mathematical and scientific approach to ranking and getting EVERY possible advantage over your competitors, this is it, hands down. One Warning though, if you love data like I do - using this tool is slightly addictive!

Marco Logmans

Rankify SEO Bureau

When you love data and metrics, you will love Cora. It is astonishing to see the correlation between the top ranking sites for any given query! Stop guessing, start using Cora!

If anyone is on the fence when it comes to Cora, don't be, it's the single best investment I have made in relation to SEO - EVER. And the support that Ted provides is fantastic.