How Does Cora Change Everything For SEO?

Cora is now a suite of SEO tools! Below are the other tools you will have access to in addition to Cora:

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  • Measures over 540 On-page and Off-page SEO Factors
  • Creates reports in minutes
  • Outputs Reports in Excel
  • Measures factors for top 100 results
  • Measures factors for your search terms
  • Puts actionable recommendations in an SEO Roadmap
  • Provides Charts for every factor
  • Automatically hides unimportant information
  • Search Mobile and Desktop indexes
  • Search in other countries
  • Search in other languages
  • Wizard for Beginners
  • Ban URLs from the analysis
  • Customize reports for specific websites
  • Disable factors you are not interested in
  • Localize results to specific cities
  • Force URLs into top 100 for getting measurements
  • Can use with proxies
  • Many different deficit strategies to choose from
  • Auto-calibration tunes software for your hardware
  • Settings allow you to control system resource utilization
  • Ahrefs integration for off page data
  • SEMRush integration for off page data
  • DomDetailer integration for API data
  • Tunable LSI reporting
  • Factor Diagnostics to verify measurements
  • Uses Embedded Chrome Browsers
  • Executes Javascript and collects rendered HTML
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