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Duration: 1h 38m 58s

New! Cora Version 3

How to use Cora Version 3? 19:58
Track Domains 2:54


What is Cora SEO Software? 1:45
What can Cora SEO Software do? 2:04
A simple case study 17:20

Installation and Setup

Windows software installation 0:25
Windows software uninstall 0:57
Windows software upgrade 0:56
Mac software installation 1:15
Mac software upgrade 1:07
Software registration 2:06

Common Usage

Output filenames 1:59
Ahrefs Integration (optional)2:42
Showing how a page's on-page tuning is deficient 11:23
Which Factors Appear to Influence Rankings 5:55
Determine the degree of tuning 6:08
Identify which words count as matches 3:10
Looking up your factor measurements 4:00
Your competitor's factor measurements 4:25
Maximize Effects With Correlation Strength 5:10
Minimizing wasted time and effort 6:48
Identify competitors best tactics 7:34
Identify factors that may harm your rankings 6:57
Identifying types of searches 3:47
Grouping like searches 3:47
Using International Google 3:34
LSI Keywords 3:47
Setting the Default Google 2:01
Pulling a comparable page that isn't in the top 100 17:53
Using the "Near Location" feature 0:38

Cora SEO Software Documentation

How the software is used.

The basic workflow of using the Cora SEO Software is as follows:

  1. Setup - Open the application and click settings. Make or set your output directory.
  2. Search - Search with the search terms you want to analyze in aggregate.
  3. Get Data - Press "Get Data" for each search you want to collect factor data for.
  4. Review Individual Keywords - Review the spreadsheets for individual keywords looking for niche opportunities to capitalize on. Optionally compare with any specific comps you have collected.
  5. Create A Plan - Create an itemized plan of changes based on the data to adjust your content.
  6. Execute your changes - Make the changes in your plan and deploy them publicly.
  7. Wait and Measure - Wait for the Google caches and result pages to reflect the changes you made. Give your KPIs time to indicate lift.
  8. Archive - Store the data, the plan, and the performance reports together by date so you have a very detailed history to refer to at anytime.
  9. Lather, rinse, and repeat... - It is a very different process than the mainstream approach of "acquire backlinks and check rankings". What we have found over time is that the more relevant and better tuned your content is for specific search terms the fewer backlinks you tend to need to rank well. Good backlinks are very difficult to acquire. You can save a lot of money, time, and risk and get a better result by focusing on the content and audience targeting that is going to drive your conversions anyway.

The Buttons

The Buttons:
Cora SEO Software Button Bar

  • Output - Quickly set the output folder for your spreadsheets.
  • Google - Returns the browser to the Google home page.
  • Back - Returns the browser to the previous page.
  • Settings - Enter your serial numbers and edit other software behaviors
  • Reset - Clear all cookies and return to the Google home page.
  • Get Data - Create a keyword factors spreadsheet for the current Google search results page. This button is only enabled when you are on a Google search results page.

Reading The Output For Specific Keywords

SEO Software - Charting Factors
The spreadsheet output for individual keywords contains all the factor measurements for that specific search at that specific time. If you collect data for the same search in the same output directory it will replace the older data with the more recent data for the search terms.

If you are only interested in ranking for one specific search term then this is the data you want to scrutinize.

The Tabs in the Spreadsheet

SEO Software - Factor Sheets

There are four sheets within the spreadsheet and they are described as follows:

  • Summary - This sheet tells you about the prioritized list of recommendations based on the data collected.
  • Overview - This sheet contains all the factor measurements and correlation coefficients for each factor.
  • Charts - This sheet has all the specific measurements made for each factor and charts of those measurements as you progress towards the number one position on Google.
  • Results - This sheet has the search results so you have a reference of what specifically was ranking at the time the data was collected.
  • Debug - This sheet has debugging data. If the SEO software misbehaves just send the output files and the cora.log file from the output directory with your bug ticket.

Summary Recomendations

SEO Software - Commented Data

The summary sheet provides quick access to the strongest factor correlations and the degree of tuning for the search terms. This view allows you to get to the critical information without having to dig in the more detailed views.

Cell Comments

SEO Software - Commented Data
The spreadsheets are heavily commented. The little red flags in the corners indicates that if you hover over the cell that there is more information. These comments are largely used to explain what things mean or how things are calculated.

The Factor Charts

SEO Software - Factor Charts

The factor charts show the minimum, maximum, and average factor measurements by page.

Additionally we use other special values for use in the generated recommendations. They include things like the following:

  • 1st 5 Average - The average value for the first 5 results.
  • 2nd 5 Average - The average value for the second 5 results.
  • 1st 5 Minimum - The minimum value for the first 5 results.
  • 1st 5 Maximum - The maximum value for the first 5 results.
These values are used to figure out how factors trend across large numbers of different searches. These values are also used for making specific recommendations.

The Match Words

SEO Software - Match Words

SEO Software - Match Words in SERPs
When you search in google for something like "mac seo software" google might use word stemming or thesaurus entries to determine what counts as a match. The Cora SEO Software collects the variations that Google marks up as matches in the search results. Doing this helps our measure more closely match the measure that Google might be using.

Overview Data

SEO Software - Recommendations

This portion of the overview sheet contains the following fields:

VersionThe version of Cora SEO Software used to produce the output.
User AgentThe user agent used to collect the data
DateThe date the data was collected
Search TermsThe search terms being analyzed
HyperlinkA link to the Google search
Results on PageThe number of results that appeared on the page.
Estimated ResultsThe estimated number of search results provided by Google

Search Type

SEO Software - Recommendations

This section gives you details about how Google treated the search terms. Different types of searches activate different features in the search results. In this section we tell you which features appeared and calculate an integer bitmask that represents this search term. This can be used when you are trying to analyze similar search terms for trends.

Critical Values

SEO Software - Recommendations

This section provides our significance requirements and the critical values needed for the correlation coefficients to reach that significance. This data is require for third parties to be able to verify and reproduce our results.

Factor Measurements - Part 1: Description and Degree of Tuning Data

SEO Software - Recommendations

This section contains the factor description as well as the values used in generating recommendations for degree of tuning.

FactorDescription of the factor
1st 5 AverageThe average factor value for the first five results in the search.
2nd 5 AverageThe average factor value for the secand five results in the search.
1st 5 MinThe minimum value in the first five results of the search.
1st 5 MaxThe maximum value in the first five results of the search.
1st 5 Avg Is GreaterA boolean indicator demonstrating if the first 5 average value was greater than the second five average value.

Factor Measurements - Part 2: Recommendations

This section provides the recommended degree of tuning combined with the correlation strength.

SEO Software - Recommendations

Factor Measurements - Part 3: Correlation Coefficients Across All Results

SEO Software - Recommendations

Spearman's is better for detecting factors that have curved trend lines. Pearson's is better at detecting factors that trend in straight lines. We don't really know how a factor is going to trend so both are needed, but history has shown that Spearman's tends to be better for detecting search engine factors most of the time, but not all the time.

Spearman's CorrelationThe Spearman's correlation coefficient for the factor across all the results.
Pearson's CorrelationThe Pearson's correlation coefficient for the factor across all the results.
Best of Both CorrelationThe best correlation value from both.
Factor DocsA link to the source code documentation for the factor.

Factor Measurements - Part 4: Correlation Coefficients By Page

Here we find the correlation coefficients for each factor using the average value per page.

SEO Software - Recommendations

Spearman's By PageThe Spearman's correlation coefficient for the factor across the average measurement by page.
Pearson's By PageThe Pearson's correlation coefficient for the factor across the average measurement by page.
Best of Both By PageThe best correlation value from both.

Factor Measurements - Part 5: The Average Measurements By Page

SEO Software - Recommendations

Factor Measurements - Part 6: The Factor Measurements For Each Result

SEO Software - Recommendations

The First result in the search will be in column "Value 1" and the 15th results will be in column "Value 15". You can find a record of which sites were in which positions in the results sheet. The yellow cells represent the first occurance of the maximum measurement. The green cells represent the first occurance of the minimum value that is not equal to the maximum value.

The Results

SEO Software - Factor Charts

This is a record of the search results found at the time of the test. If your website is number 43 on this page then you can find your factor measurements in column "Value 43" on the overview page.