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Available for Mac & PC: Cora measures over 520 on-page and off-page SEO factors. Cora shows you where your SEO tuning is deficient and by how much. Cora uses factor measurement data to give you an advantage over your competitors and to differentiate your SEO services from mainstream SEO. Cora lets you optionally use your Ahrefs account (sold separately) for off-page factors like backlinks and social signals.

How does Cora work?

Cora SEO Software pulls the top 100 search results for each keyword (first 10 pages) and then it visits each result page and measures over three hundred on page SEO factors. Then it calculates the correlation coefficient of each factor with respect to the results’ ranking positions. When we find strong correlation coefficients then we have found factors that appear to influence ranking position for your search terms. The column “Page 1 Avg” gives you the average measure for a factor on page 1 and is extremely useful for determining if your on page tuning has reached competitive parity.

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For businesses who just want one time guidance and recommendations
Diagnose Common Issues

Common problems are easy to see in search results, HTML source, and in competitive metrics.

Identify Opportunites

Identifying likely factors and seeing how your competitors successfully use them can save you time and effort.

Maximize Your Returns

Spend more of your time on things that are more likely to produce results.

Minimize Your Effort

By measuring what does work you can rule out lots of things that don't that have been taking away from your time and resources.

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Deep Dive
  • A review of keywords, website, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, & Competitors
  • A detailed report of findings.
  • A copy of all the data collected to perform the analysis.
  • Takes 5 business days to complete.
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