How Does Cora Change Everything For SEO?

I’ll be speaking again at one my most favourite digital marketing events of the year: DMSS Conference will be returning between the 6th and 8th of October to Bali. A great event to connect, network, exchange the latest SEO and digital marketing tricks. I myself will be talking about SEO Factor Measurements next to other great speakers from Google, Ahrefs, Hootsuite, MOZ, Buffer and many more. If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet make sure to grab it on Get 20% off with my code “TED20”.

FREE WEBINAR: True SEO Advantage with Cora SEO Software
Friday June 22 at 1PM PST
Too Late! You Missed It! :-) But you can watch the replay of it below! ➡ ➡ Click Here To Watch The Replay! ⬅ ⬅ ️

  • Measures over 540 On-page and Off-page SEO Factors
  • Creates reports in minutes
  • Outputs Reports in Excel
  • Measures factors for top 100 results
  • Measures factors for your search terms
  • Puts actionable recommendations in an SEO Roadmap
  • Provides Charts for every factor
  • Automatically hides unimportant information
  • Search Mobile and Desktop indexes
  • Search in other countries
  • Search in other languages
  • Wizard for Beginners
  • Ban URLs from the analysis
  • Customize reports for specific websites
  • Disable factors you are not interested in
  • Localize results to specific cities
  • Force URLs into top 100 for getting measurements
  • Can use with proxies
  • Many different deficit strategies to choose from
  • Auto-calibration tunes software for your hardware
  • Settings allow you to control system resource utilization
  • Ahrefs integration for off page data
  • SEMRush integration for off page data
  • DomDetailer integration for API data
  • Tunable LSI reporting
  • Factor Diagnostics to verify measurements
  • Uses Embedded Chrome Browsers
  • Executes Javascript and collects rendered HTML
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