About Cora Seo Software

Cora SEO Software uses correlation to reverse engineer possible content ranking factors and gives prioritized recommendations on how to tune your content. I know. I know. "correlation isn't causation"... But unless you are an engineer at Google working on search algorithms then correlation is the best data you can directly measure from the search results. I named the software Cora because it is "cora-lation" SEO software. Strong correlation is what makes my investments in SEO tuning better than everyone else's. If a factor doesn't at least correlate with rankings then you are wasting time and money on it. When you start plotting data on what is working in your keyword space you will be amazed at how much of mainstream SEO advice is just plain wrong and potentially harmful.


Cora SEO Software plugins will not compile or run if they reference a class import that isn't specifically permitted by an access control list. This list can be found in the Cora SEO Software settings dialog. Even though the access control list provides some security against running malicious code it is not foolproof. There is no such thing as a truly secure plugin architecture and you should never use plugins from untrusted sources.You should backup your system regularly and frequently scan your computer with anti-virus software for extra protection.